Four Things to Remember for Mother’s Day this Year

Spring has sprung, the weather is warming, school’s almost out, and Mother’s Day is right around the corner. Each one of these is exciting in it’s own right, but Mother’s Day is the one day devoted to all the lovely moms in our lives. This year we want to ensure you and your loved ones enjoy every minute. To hopefully help remove any wrinkles or misfortunes, here are four tips we have to offer so everything goes off without a hitch.

  1. Plan Everything Ahead

When we say plan everything ahead, we mean everything. Even plan for things that you don’t expect to happen, because plans change in an instant. Everything from dinner reservations to travel time needs to be considered. You’re limited to just one day so you HAVE to make it count.

  1. Don’t Forget Extended Family

Remember the rest of the moms in your family, not just the most important one to you. Depending on how close you are with aunts and uncles, maybe you should plan to have Mother’s Day celebrations with multiple families and invite Grandma to join. This celebrates all of the hardworking mothers all at once and doesn’t leave anyone left out. If you aren’t as close or distance complicates it, a simple call to say hello can go a long way!


  1. Allow for Random Setbacks

Although you’ve hopefully planned everything out, you can’t control the world. Allow extra time for setbacks in your schedule. If all goes as planned, you can use the extra time to spend alone with just your family… You can never have enough alone time on Mother’s Day.

  1. It’s “Mother’s Day’ for a Reason

It’s called Mother’s Day for a reason so if there is something you want to do, put it on the schedule; nobody can tell you no because it’s your special day. Maybe it is a lunch with the entire family together, taking the kids to the Tea Collection, or a romantic date with the hubby, but if you want something, now is your time to get it.

It’s a shame that mothers really only get officially celebrated one day a year. Being a mom is a full time job, and many moms work paying jobs on top of that. This year, Mother’s Day should be perfect so do what you need, and make your dreams come true.



10 Essential Tips for Beauty School

The best advice you can get is from someone who has graduated before you. The following tips, from this
esthetician school Phoenix, will help you get the most out of your beauty college experience.

1. Be Prepared for Book Work

Beauty school isn’t all fun and games. Much of the work you do will be studying things like hair theory and taking tests. Make sure your school supplies include pencils and paper (or an app) for taking notes. You’ll soon learn that good notes are worth their weight in gold.

2. Learn to Deal With Drama

Whenever you work with a group of people, there’s always a chance you’ll have to deal with drama. Some individuals thrive on being the center of attention. Don’t let these things get in the way of your education. Honestly, it’s less important to make friends than it is to further your career.

3. Find a Study Partner

Sometimes, a school environment can be overwhelming. By finding someone to be your study partner, you’ll always have someone available to ask about assignments, lessons and techniques.

4. Show Off Your Creativity

One of the best things you can do for your career is to showcase your creative talents. Don’t be afraid to be different. People will remember your unique style and it may even lead to future business.

5. Don’t Get Behind

It’s never good to fall behind in your studies, especially if your career depends on it. Having genuine talent means nothing if you fail your classes!

6. Listen to Your Clients

No matter who you’re working with, it’s vital to listen to what your clients have to say. If someone gives you a negative critique after a session, use the feedback to focus on areas you may need to improve upon.

7. Be a Team Player

No one likes a difficult classmate or coworker, and a big part of being an esthetician is to be very personable and have good communication skills. Be respectful of your peers and don’t drag your feet when working with others.

8. Never Stop Learning

Even when your courses are over, you’ll be far from knowing everything. Use every opportunity to expand your skills, both in beauty school and on the job.

9. Develop Your Own Style

Your unique style is a big part of what will draw clients to you throughout your career. Beauty school gives you a multitude of new skills and techniques to play with. Take what you’re learning and make it your own. This will set you apart in the future.

10. Ask Questions

This may be the most important tip of all. Beauty college is all about learning new things. If there’s ever anything you’re not completely clear on, make sure to ask. Remember, there is no such thing as a stupid question.

How to Hire an Adult Caregiver

For individuals living with Alzheimer’s disease, finding appropriate care can sometimes be a challenge. For many individuals, the best solution for these situations is to hire a Phoenix senior caregivers . Fortunately for families and loved ones of those with Alzheimer’s disease, there are many agencies that help pair those with Alzheimer’s with the right person to assist with their everyday activities. However, many families are lost when it comes to finding and hiring the right adult caregiver. These individuals play an important role in the lives of Alzheimer’s patients and, without their dedicated companionship, the lives of those living with dementia would be far less fulfilled. With this in mind, it is important to be aware of all of the aspects of hiring and working with an adult caregiver for any loved one with Alzheimer’s disease.

The Prevalence of Adult Caregivers

Common caregiver duties include taking care of shopping, meal preparation, transportation and personal care. While many have been grateful for the benefits offered by these adult caregivers, what is most important to many is the relationships that develop between the patients and their caregivers. According to a study done by the Pew Research Center in 2012, approximately 36 percent of individuals in the United States are serving as adult caregivers of other adults. Approximately four in 10 adult Americans are taking care of a loved one with a serious health issue, such as Alzheimer’s.

Types of Caregivers

There is no one “type” of caregiver. This is why it can be difficult to find the right caregiver for a loved one with Alzheimer’s and why it can also be difficult to act as a caregiver for one you love. While some would want to be their loved one’s caregiver, this isn’t always an option. Some individuals do not have the proximity to their loved ones, while others realize their loved ones have medical needs they cannot accommodate. While there is no one type of adult caregiver, there are several roles that these individuals tend to play. These roles include:

– Housekeeper and companion
– Personal care workers that keeps the home and assists with meals, driving, doctor’s visits and more.
– Certified nursing assistants and home health providers that offer personal care with dressing, bathing and administering medications.
– Skilled care givers that assist with therapy, wound management and other medical needs.

These are some of the different levels of home care that can be provided, based on the needs of the individual.

Where to Find Adult Caregivers

As those in the baby boomer generation continue to age, there has been an increase in the number of adults who need caregiver assistance. While some choose to act as caregivers to their loved ones, others will choose someone else to provide care. Resources such as geriatric care managers as well as other private institutions offer resources for those looking to find adult caregivers.

Tips for Choosing the Right Caregiver

Unfortunately, one of the biggest issues with caregivers, particularly familial caregivers, is caregiver burnout. This is why before hiring an adult caregiver it is important to do research and check references. Caregivers that burn out and need to be replaced can only further confuse and frustrate ones with dementia. Unfortunately, many have found that the caregiver process is a revolving door and many times caregivers only last a few months in the position.

During the hiring process it is important that individuals looking to find an adult caregiver are upfront about the expected demands of the job and utilize a checklist to help in the initial hiring phase. It is also important to make arrangements for checkups and consultations with the caregiver, particularly in the early stages of the acquaintance process. While families can hire caregivers on their own through ads, job postings and sites like Craigslist, others may choose to hire a care manager. These individuals do charge a fee for their services, but they are typically better able to find an individual with a solid background to act as a caregiver for the loved one who needs assistance.

No matter what approach is used to find a caregiver, it is important to remember that many times this process involves trial and error, and it isn’t always simple. It is, however, an important process that must be taken seriously if the right caregiver is to be found.

Holiday Makeup Trends: Hot tips straight from an expert

Makeup Tips: Prep Up Your Look For The Holidays @ Reward Me

Allan Avendano, a professional makeup artist based in Los Angeles, California, has been making models, actors and celebrity clients look gorgeous for over 10 years. And he just loves the added glamour of the holiday season. “It’s a special time to see friends, family and attend parties. A lot of makeup looks can be played with and created!” he exclaims.


Dazzle by night and day by tuning into Avendano’s holiday makeup forecast.

What’s trending
Holidays are always about timeless trends like the classic red lip. “But it’s given a modern twist,” says Avendano. Lips in berry, burgundy and violet shades are making waves. He also predicts that “glowing skin, flushed cheeks and soft clean eyes with flirty lashes” will be trending this holiday.

A go-to look
Avendano loves dramatic looks for the holidays. Here’s one of his favorites for you to try:

  • Apply a smoky bronze or smoky gold shadow to eye lids
  • Finish with deep red lips
    He explains, “A smoky bronze eye is much less harsh than a smoky black eye. It won’t seem too much when you see it with a bold lip.”

Tips you can’t live without
If you’re a busy mom juggling the family and holiday preparations, Avendano suggests, “Keep eyes soft and go for bold lips! Use long-lasting, smudge-proof lipsticks or lip stains.” There are plenty of options on the market with staying power. Colour stays on even after you’ve eaten., so you can “keep your mind off your lips and focused on the kids.”

If you’re a working woman going straight from the office to a party, Avendano offers this advice for instant glam:

  • A dash of gold eye shadow on the lids
  • Add a pair of strip eyelashes
  • Finish with a bold lip color
    If strip eyelashes are too much for you, complete the look with extra coats of mascara.

Conservative and special
If you tend to be conservative yet would like to add something special to your look, Avendano recommends amplifying your everyday face by:

  • Using a good concealer to brighten under the eyes
  • Using a liner to shape eyes and slightly wing out the line at the corners
  • Adding a few coats of mascara
  • Finishing with a tinted lip gloss and a dash of blush

Bold brows
That amazing New Year’s Party is just around the corner, so how do you boost your look for killer drama? “A nice addition to perfect holiday makeup is to pump up your brows,” says Avendano. “Brows are the frames of your eyes. Fill in any holes in your brows and shape them for a dramatically different and polished look”

Hair balance
To balance hair with dramatic makeup, Avendano offers these suggestions:

  • To play up bold lips, pull hair back from the face
  • If you have a smoky eye look, wear hair down
    He warns that loose hair is more likely to “get on your lips and then you’ll have streaks of lipstick all over your face,” so consider a less goopy lipstick or gloss.

10 Things You Should Know About Whitening Your Teeth

 If you’ve ever gone through life with crooked or discoloured teeth, you’ll know how much it sucks to not be able to smile with confidence, or, worse, not smile at all. The good thing is, teeth can be fixed, and quickly too.

We wanted to put teeth whitening to the test for ourselves (and for you, of course), so we tried out Pearl Drops 2 Day White to see how easy, difficult or time consuming the process really is. (Hint: it’s so much better than you think!)

Check out 10 things we learned from the trial below, because this product just gave a whole new meaning to the term “pearly whites”.

1. It’s really simple

There’s literally only two steps to follow, so it doesn’t take a brainiac to figure it out. All you have to do is rinse your mouth with the accelerator mouth wash, apply the whitening gel onto your “smile teeth”, sit back (for about 30 seconds), relax and let the magic take place.

2. Don’t apply when you’re hungry

If you want the best results possible (and trust us, you do because it’s totally worth it), you’re not meant to eat, drink or smoke for at least 20 minutes after application. Think ahead and eat beforehand, because you want your tummy to feel just as good as your new smile will.

3. It’s super quick

If you want to leave work on the Friday and come back Monday with a brand new white smile, it can totally be done with this quick fix product.

4. It’s convenient

If you don’t trust yourself to get it done over two days, that’s OK. Do four treatments daily for two-three days, two treatments daily for six days, one treatment daily for 12 days and so on. It’s designed to suit your schedule, which, in today’s busy day and age, is a dream. Read the instructions leaflet enclosed to pick a schedule that best suits.

5. You can do it at work

If you’re a workaholic, don’t sweat it. The application is so quick and easy, you can just go to the bathroom, paint the gel on and be back to your desk within the minute. It’s no longer than the average bathroom visit now, is it?

6. Had dental work? Don’t count on results

The Pearl Drops 2 Day White can only whiten natural teeth and doesn’t whiten crowns, caps, fillings and veneers. That being said, it will not harm your dental work, so we’d still recommend trying the product regardless.

7. Plan your dentist visits accordingly

The company states that you should not apply the product within two weeks of a dentist appointment, whether it’s before or after treatment. To be honest, you’ll probably just cancel your dentist appointment after seeing the results from this product anyway!

8. Know your gums

If you have sensitive teeth or infected gums, it’s best to consult a doctor or dentist before using the product. If you have gum disease, steer completely clear.

9. It tastes good

OK, so it’s no ice-cream sundae but it’s not going to be mean to your tastebuds like you’d expect. The mouth rinse and gel are both minty fresh so it tastes just like brushing your teeth.

10. It actually works

The most important thing is results, and with Pearl Drops 2 Day White you definitely get them. Teeth look not only whiter (we’re estimating about 2-3 shades), but feel healthier and stronger too.

The 5 Key Pieces Your Fall Wardrobe Needs Right Now

The 5 Key Pieces Your Fall Wardrobe Needs Right Now

So long, summer. It’s time to put away those crop tops and get your wardrobe ready for a season of crisp evenings and afternoon apple-picking excursions. To help you prepare for fall’s festivities, InStyle’s Executive Style Correspondent Dana Avidan Cohn teamed up with the experts at NYDJ to dish on the five key pieces you need to invest in this fall; plus, get her advice on how build a killer outfit around each.


Diego Zuko

We love any excuse to rock that leather look – especially when we can create it cruelty-free – so you can bet we’re going to jump at the chance to splurge on a vegan leather moto jacket as this season’s staple. InStyle’s Dana Avidan Cohn recommends pairing your new downtown piece with a crisp, white shirt, as well as textures like suede and wool, to create a more substantial look.


Diego Zuko

Mornings are tough, and we don’t just wake up looking like this, so any tips to simplify our routine are always appreciated. Cut your getting-ready time in half with a chic, pre-layered collared sweater and a breezy pair of culottes. We know what you’re thinking – culottes are a summer trend, right? Think again. “Culottes paired with a simple heeled sandal is modern and perfect for the transitional weather,” says Avidan Cohn.


Diego Zuko

Nothing can upgrade your look like a statement poncho, which also happens to be one of the coziest fall trends for the cooler months. “Buy one that’s visually interesting with a bold pattern in neutral tones to create the best statement” says Avidan Cohn. “Keep the rest of the look simple with coated denim and a block heel.” Take the cool factor up a level by incorporating a chic hat.


Diego Zuko

It’s all in the details, especially when it comes to your denim. “A moto-zipped detail on denim always makes you look slimmer through the thighs and adds a little bit of an edge,” says Avidan Cohn. You can never go wrong pairing your denim with a simple, sexy t-shirt, but when you layer on a leather jacket and a pair of open-toed booties, your look instantly becomes fall-ready.


Diego Zuko

Yes, there are such things as skinny boyfriend jeans. It’s everything you love about the original baggy pair, like its comfort and ease, but with a sexier, slimmer fit. “Wear them with a simple striped knit and leather slides to create the perfect vibe for your fall weekends,” says Avidan Cohn.

Fringe Trend: Cropped Flared Jeans

When I call something a fringe trend I mean that it’s “new”, quite exclusive and only available in small quantities at retail. One such trend is the cropped flared jean. The style is much like a pair of bootcuts, but to twelve inches shorter. The fit is sleek on the leg and kicks out at the hem, which is different to culottes that fit wider from the hips down. The first five examples below are good representations of the look.

I like the cropped flared jean because of the shorter length, and because it can be worn with a cropped top or tucked top. These characteristics visually lengthen the leg line from the calves and from the hips up, which creates flattering proportions to my eye. I remember wearing a similar style in the late ‘90s in a slightly longer length with a very low rise, untucked longer top and bulky flatform sneakers. That’s not a combination I want to repeat because the visual effect is overly short in the leg.

I adore the short flared crops with heeled and flat ankle strap footwear because it “closes the gap”. But the outfits below with regular heeled sandals, slides and high-top sneakers look good too. The column of colour in the outfit with the white cropped flares creates a lengthened look, and showcasing the waistband of the jeans makes all the difference.

Free People Slim Kick Jean

Citizens of Humanity Drew Cropped Flared Mid-rise Jeans

Free People Summer Of Love Crop Flare

The version of the cropped flare jean below is different because it’s longer than the rest. I don’t like them as much, but I do think that proportions are just flattering enough because of the heeled ankle strap footwear and visible waistband of the jeans. Alternatively, substituting the white tee with a tonal mid blue would create a column of colour that further strengthens the vertical integrity of the outfit.

SONIA RYKIEL Mid-rise Wide-leg Jeans

Different, longer than shorts, less coverage than jeans, a little flirty with the flared hem, and not skintight. I’m enamoured by the trend and have ordered Free People’s Slim Kick Crop Jeans in white. What’s your take? Would you wear cropped flared jeans?

Drawstring Bucket Bags Are Back

Bucket bags are barrel shaped with a top drawstring closure and shoulder strap. They have been a fringe trend for four years, but have battled to gain momentum. That changed this year, with the style once again going mainstream like it did back in the ’90s.

The bucket bag has its casual and boho chic appeal. Its lack of structure successfully dresses down an outfit much like a slouchy hobo style. The drawstring closure is in itself an interesting, textural and eye-catching detail. But it’s not that easy finding your stuff in this style of bag. You end up digging around a lot, especially when you tend to carry many items in your bag. That said, bag organizers are one way to solve the problem, and some bucket bags are more structured than others.

My first expensive and “grown-up” handbag was a brown and black suede version that I bought in my second year as a fashion buyer back in 1995. I thought it was a good way to dress down my neutral power suit during the week, and dress up my Levis 501’s over the weekend. Polished, yet not overly structured and formal. The suede was bald by the time I stopped wearing it, I loved it so much. Now though, I find the drawstring detailing too maximal for my taste, and prefer a much simpler looking bag. I’m also not fond of carrying bags on my shoulder. But I do like bucket bags on others, and some of my clients have been sporting them for a while.

Over to you. Would you wear a bucket bag?

Elizabeth and James Mini Cynnie Snake Effect Leather Convertible Bucket BagMichael Kors Large Miranda Leather Bucket Bag Sole Society Faux Leather Bucket BagBig Buddha Small Aerin Crossbody Bag

SOPHIE HULME Small Leather Bucket BagWENDY NICHOL Bullet Leather Bucket BagHOUSE OF HOLLAND Mini Bucket Leather Trimmed Faux Fur Shoulder Bag

7 Genius Hair Care Tricks That Really Work

7 Genius Hair Care Tricks That Really Work

Great advice from real women to take your hair to the next level.

Your hair can be your best accessory … or your worst. And since you can’t just toss it in a drawer like a pair of old earrings, it’s always worth putting some time and effort into making your locks look their best. We asked women on CafeMom and social media to share their go-to tips for great hair, and we can’t wait to try the suggestions. Check out their genius advice, and don’t forget to leave your own in the comments!

1. “Dirty hair braids best. If your hair’s too clean, add some dry shampoo or mousse for the same effect.” – Julia M., Alameda, California

2. “I [only] wash my daughter’s curly hair about two times per month and leave in a bit of regular conditioner after every bath. (Don’t use it on the scalp, though.)” — Austin S., Minneapolis, Minnesota

3. “Use dry shampoo at night. The hair gets less greasy, because you have a ‘base’ to absorb all that oil, instead of mopping it up in the morning.” — Lexa L., Washington, D.C.

More from P&G Reward Me: 11 Ways to Upgrade Your ‘Mom Ponytail’

4. “I just stick to shampoos and conditioners that work with my hair. I also only condition the bottom half of my hair, not my scalp, to keep it from getting greasy. I run my fingers through it in the shower to get out tangles, and never use a brush.” — Anonymous

5. “I only wash my hair every couple of days, because I’ve found as I’ve gotten older (and especially with the short hairstyle I have had for months now), I really don’t need to wash it too often.” — Lisa X., Arizona

6. “Eat a healthy diet and always take your vitamins.” — Anonymous

7. “Instead of blindly following the latest trends, I work with my stylist to find a look that works for my hair. It makes a huge difference when I don’t have to fight with my hair every day.” — Anonymous

What’s your secret to making your hair look its best?

Rainy Day Beauty: 6 Ways to Waterproof Your Look

Rainy Day Beauty: 6 Ways to Waterproof Your Look

Keep your makeup intact despite rainy weather with these six insider tips.

You wake up in the morning, look out the window and immediately want to go back to bed. Rainy days can definitely get you down. There are challenges when it comes to staying pretty (and upbeat) in spite of the elements, but it can be done! All you need is a little pre-planning and the right kinds of products. Here are six tips for maintaining your beauty despite the downpours.

1. Be the Prime Minister
Your face is clean and moisturized, and you’re ready to apply your makeup. But there’s an important step before you put on your war paint that will ensure it lasts, whatever the weather. We’re talking primer. There’s a makeup primer for every part of your face. There are lash, eyeshadow (in a variety of styles and shades from creams to crayons), foundation and lip product primers. And then there are powders that you can brush on to maintain and set your overall look.

2. Waterproof Everything
If it’s raining cats and dogs outside, it only makes sense to reach for waterproof makeup. Mascara is the most obvious choice, but waterproof makeup goes beyond what you use on your lashes. Using a stick foundation and made-to-last makeup (like a highly pigmented cream blush and lip stain) can get you through wet, rainy days without smudges and smears.

3. Pencil It in
Outlining and shading in your lips with a matte pencil will make for great all-day lip color. For eye makeup that will last, consider using a kohl pencil to create the perfect cat eye, or even smudging a chubby eye crayon into a smoky eye look. Eyeliner pencils tend to be waxy and therefore will stay put when the water starts splashing your way.

4. Finish up
Once your face is complete and you’ve used your primers and waterproof cosmetics, there’s an additional step that can help your makeup weather the storms — finishing sprays. There are types designed to suit your every need, whether you’re trying to tone down oil, have a photo perfect look or maintain a dewy radiance. Makeup artists also have been known to rave over water-based facial sprays. A light mist of H20 can actually help set your makeup!

5. Consider Your Cover
Now that your face is done, you’re ready to brave the elements. Besides your big fabulous umbrella and fun colorful rain boots, you need additional protective gear to stay dry while maintaining your look. Wear a big pair of sunglasses — even though it’s cloudy — because exposure to extreme wind, rain and even snow can do major damage to your eye makeup. At the very least, you’ll look glamorous as you dodge puddles and rush through downpours.

6. Pack Accordingly
If you really want your makeup to look flawless once you’ve made it through the rain, bring the essentials with you. It’s smart to have a compact with you for touchups during the day. Your favorite lipstick and eyeliner won’t add any additional weight to your purse and they will come in handy when you need to look camera- or Monday-morning-meeting ready.